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We would like to express a huge thank-you to everyone who donated on Giving Tuesday! We are still a long way from reaching our goal to sustain our programs. If you have not yet donated, are you still willing to donate? Please see further details below.

Giving Tuesday


As our Founder is now the Board President, CNHPS is working on succession planning. We have just contracted a part-time Executive Assistant, a part-time Older Adult Program Coordinator, and a part-time Volunteer Coordinator.

This of course, all requires additional funding. Would you be able to help us with an end of year gift?

CNHPS is seeking donation support for the following:

  1. Help us in funding the part-time positions for the year of 2024. Each position requires $400.00/month, meaning a total of $1200/month.
  2. Help us continue the Seniors Connect and Intergenerational Programs. You can help in the following ways:
    • Support a senior to attend a weekly Seniors Connect Café or Intergenerational event: $4.00/event x4 = $16.00 monthly
    • Support a senior with initial transportation costs as their paperwork is processed for HandyDART usage: average $30.00 for return trip
    • Help a senior receive a free lunch at $10.00/plate (luncheons are offered twice monthly = $20.00/month)
  3. Help us with general administrative expenses:
    • Monthly office/storage space rental at $200.00/month
    • Monthly telephone usage at $25.00/month
    • Website maintenance and usage at about $25.00/month

Will you support CNHPS with a donation for this year end?

Please see the ‘Donate’ page for further details of the ways that you can donate.


Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society offers five programs that serve residents of Chilliwack and Sardis

  1. The Senior's Connect Cafe 1. provides weekly meetings where seniors can socialise and learn about community and health resources. For the fall and winter months there is also an evening virtual connection opportunity.
  2. Our Intergenerational Program 2. offers bi-weekly events for intergenerational games, crafts, and conversation, as well as one-on-one connections.
  3. The Family Caregiver Support Group 3. is a safe space for those that offer love and compassionate support to older adults. With the help of a Peer Facilitator, you will learn about available resources and be able to offer each other mutual support. Afternoon in-person and evening virtual group or one-on-one support is available.
  4. Neighbourhood Connectors 4. receive training and support to build stronger relationships among their neighbours. **New free workshop series starting Oct. 12th**
  5. One-on-One Support 5. connects trained volunteers with older adults to help them find valuable local resources and social opportunities and also supports older adults on a serious illness journey.

Please see our services and news pages for more details.

We are always looking for volunteers!

Our trained volunteers participate in activities such as:

  • Building connections between seniors and their neighbours.
  • Engaging in small acts of compassionate caring.
  • Offering support to an older adult living with chronic illness or frailty, as well as their caregivers.
  • Helping seniors access health and community resources.
  • Helping seniors re-connect with things that bring them joy.
  • Helping seniors connect with other older adults.

Please see our volunteer page for more details.

To learn more, contact Connie at the phone number or email address below.

Phone: 604-798-2023
E-mail: neighbourhealth@gmail.com