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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Important Anouncement!

We are happy to announce that, although we will continue with our legal

name ‘Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society’, for

everyday use in conversations, we will now be using the shortened name of

Compassionate Neighbours’.

NEW! Social Meals Project
Funded by United Way British Columbia 
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Are You Unable to Leave Your Home.png
Thank-you to the Canadian National Railway Company! The Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the Canadian National Railway Company for their generous grant of $12,500.00, which will help to provide seniors the opportunity to socialize over a shared free luncheon monthly. We are so grateful that they awarded our seniors with this special support.
As our Founder is now the Board President, CNHPS is working on succession planning. We have just contracted a part-time Executive Assistant, a part time Older Adult Program Coordinator, and a part time Volunteer Coordinator. This of course, all requires additional funding. 

Would you be able to help us with a gift? 

CNHPS is seeking donation support for the following:

  1. Help us in funding the part-time positions for the year of 2024. Each position requires $400.00/month, meaning a total of $1200/month.

  2. Help us continue the Seniors Connect and Intergenerational Programs. You can help in the following ways:

  • Support a senior to attend a weekly Seniors Connect Café or Intergenerational event: $4.00/event x4 = $16.00 monthly

  • Support a senior with initial transportation costs as their paperwork is processed for HandyDART usage: average $30.00 for return trip

  • Help a senior receive a free lunch at $10.00/plate (luncheons are offered twice monthly = $20.00/month)

  1. Help us with general administrative expenses:

  • Monthly office/storage space rental at $200.00/month

  • Monthly telephone usage at $25.00/month

  • Website maintenance and usage at about $25.00/month

Will you support CNHPS with a donation for this year end?

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