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Let's Make A Change

Help us fund the following:

Part-time Positions

Help us in funding the part-time positions of the Older Adult Program Coordinator, the Volunteer Coordinator, and the Executive Assistant for the year of 2024. Each position requires $400.00/month, meaning a total of $1200/month.

General Administrative Expenses  

Help us cover the general administrative expenses for the five programs to support older adults and their caregivers in the Chilliwack community. Here are some examples of expenses:

  • Monthly office/storage space rental at $200.00/month

  • Monthly telephone usage at $25.00/month

  • Website maintenance and usage at about $25.00/month

Help us continue the fallowing older adult Programs

Help us continue the Seniors Connect and Intergenerational Programs. You can help in the following ways:

  • Support a senior to attend a weekly Seniors Connect Café or Intergenerational event: $4.00/event x4 = $16.00 monthly

  • Support a senior with initial transportation costs as their paperwork is processed for HandyDART usage: average $30.00 for return trip

  • Help a senior receive a free lunch at $10.00/plate (luncheons are offered twice monthly = $20.00/month)

 Three Ways  to Donate:


Send an e-transfer to please remember to include your mailing address in the note section if you would like a tax receipt

CanadaHelps website


To send.a cheque

call - 604-798-2023


Monthly donations are also gratefully accepted!
It is a way to help a senior or the CNHPS general fund for the whole year!

Return your recyclables

It is now very easy to support the Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society. Just return your refundable recyclables under our name or telephone number. Your refund will then get credited to us. All funds will be used for the services we offer to older adults.

How it works









Please note, should donations exceed a specific budget set, the excess funds will be used where needed most.

As a registered Charitable Society, we offer tax receipts for donations of $20.00 or more. Please ensure that your full name and address is provided with your donation so that we can issue this for you. If you desire a tax receipt for a donation less than $20.00, please inform us.

You Have Two Options

  1. To bring your refundable recyclables to either the Sardis or Chilliwack Bottle Depots. Sort your recyclables in the traditional way and then inform the staff that the refund is for the Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society.

  2. The Chilliwack Depot is also a ‘Return it Express’ location. Here you can bring all your refundable containers in a clear plastic bag. Stop at the kiosk and type in 604-798-2023 and print one label for each bag that you are bringing. Place a label on each of your bags, scan it and then drop them off at the front counter. The staff will sort the containers and credit our account. Done!

Recycling Bottles

Thank-you for your generosity!

The Compassionate Neighbourhood Health Partners Society.

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